Friday Class Schedule 2019-2020

These are the preliminary Preschool and Elementary class schedules for Fall 2019 through Spring 2020.


There are two options for our Ladybugs and Grasshoppers. They can choose to begin at 8:30 and take a Kindermusik class or they can arrive at 9:30. Pick-up time is 3:00.

(3-4 year olds)
(4-6 year olds)
8:30 – 3:00 Kindermusik followed by ODE programming Kindermusik followed by ODE programming
9:30 – 3:00 Regular ODE Preschool with no Kindermusik Regular ODE Preschool/Kindergarten with no Kindermusik


Dolphin Swimmers Time Travelers Banana Smoothies Seahorses Dragons
8:30-9:30 Science Literature Unit Science Art
9:30-10:30 Unit Science Science PE Music
10:30-11:30 Art PE Literature Music Science
11:30-12:30 Music Art PE Unit Literature
12:30-1:00 —– LUNCH —–
1:00-2:00 Literature Unit Music Art PE
2:00-3:00 PE Music Art Literature Unit

Click here to view the schedule for the Upper School ODE Academy classes.