Literature 2019/20

Course Description

Each week, we will explore a new story.  I enjoy sharing not only classics and award winners, but books with great illustrations and engaging stories & themes.  We will explore various authors, illustrators, genres, and writing styles.  Each book will lend itself to a different lesson or activity.  We will discuss characters, setting, rhyming words, alliteration, illustration techniques, describing words, word recognition, and more.  These stories will inspire our own class books, art work, storytelling and writing.
There is usually no homework for Dolphin Swimmers. 

Teacher: Mrs. Allison Andrews

Allison has a B.A. in Elementary Education from Cornell College.  She has taught First Grade in both parochial and public schools.  For the past sixteen years she has been a stay-at-home parent to her two children.  Before coming to ODE, Allison spent many hours volunteering at her children's schools, being a Girl Scout mom, and teaching Sunday School classes.

This will be Allison's third year at ODE, where she started as a teaching assistant, and gradually began teaching Elementary Literature classes.  She enjoys creating Literature lessons that interact with a story's theme in many different ways, drawing from her experience as a classroom teacher and her love for good books.  Allison looks forward to  spending each Friday exploring great stories with the enthusiastic and creative kids at ODE.  She is spending the summer reading lots of books in preparation for a great year!

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