Dolphin Swimmers Art

Course Description

A work of art can be analysed by considering a variety of aspects of it individually. These aspects are often called elements of art. A commonly used list of the main elements include form, shape, line, color, value, space and texture. This ODE school year 2018-2019 students will have fun learning the basic elements of art by creating their own works art. We will explore how famous artists have used these elements in different ways in their art work.

Lesson Plans

Week 1- We will be learning about color. Students will paint the color wheel by only using the three primary colors. They will practice mixing the primary colors to make three secondary colors.

Week 2- This week we will be talking about lines. A line is just a dot taking a walk. Students will draw all types of lines curve, dotted, thick, thin, squiggly, etc.

Week 3- Shape will be introduce as an element of art. Students will draw different shapes by using color and lines. If there is enough time we will play a short game with shapes.

Week 4- Form is another element of art that will be introduce during this week. We will talk about 2D and 3D shapes. Students color a piece of paper with lines and shapes. We will turn the piece of paper into a 3D boat. At the end of class.

Week 5- This week space will be introduce as another element of art. Students will learn about negative and positive space.

Week 6- Students will learn about texture by creating their own work of art with different objects.

Week 7- Value will be introduce as the last element of art. Students will create and shade in a value scale.

Week 8 - Students will sing and play games that will incorporate the seven elements of art they learned through the session.