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Welcome to SESSION 2!!

We are especially thrilled to welcome our new families! Our first day was a whirlwind but fun to be back.

***This Friday, Nov. 15, is Crazy Hat Day! Spend some time this week thinking about what you will wear on your head. We will have fun voting on the best one. New Note: Due to a special birthday request, we will also have Pajama Day on Friday! You can wear warm and tasteful pajamas to ODE, a crazy, understated, or beautiful hat (or go for whatever adjective you like) or both!

November 22 is a normal day for ODE, but of course we will be OFF on the 29th for Thanksgiving weekend.

VERY IMPORTANT. Please make sure you get checked in when you arrive at ODE - that goes for ALL students, including upper school. The clipboard will be at the front desk, and at 8:30 there will be someone attending to the check-in process. If you arrive at other times in the day you may need to check off the box next to the name yourself - but please do make sure you are checked in. Preschool students need to be signed in and out by a parent or other approved individual.


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