ODE News

Week 2 rolled on by - we missed all our Camp Nawakwa families, and are looking forward to a full house again this week.

VERY IMPORTANT. Please make sure you get checked in when you arrive at ODE - that goes for ALL students, including upper school. The clipboard will be at the front desk, and at 8:30 there will be someone attending to the check-in process. If you arrive at other times in the day you may need to check off the box next to the name yourself - but please do make sure you are checked in. Preschool students need to be signed in and out by a parent or other approved individual.

Our Meet the Teachers event will be on Sept. 27 in the gym right at the end of ODE. Teachers will be in the gym and it will be a great time for you to meet them - we have several new faces this year! Meeting your child's teacher is a great way to open the doors of communication for the year. By Sept. 27 students and teachers will have gotten to know each other and it's a great time to make some parental connections. Mark your calendars accordingly. This will be for ELEMENTARY and UPPER SCHOOL classes.

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Required Materials program - Elementary Supplies Your Dolphin Swimmer, Time Traveler, Banana Smoothie, Seahorse, or Dragon needs the following items for Session I. A 3-Ring Binder with 5 Dividers, labeled with the five classes that are not PE Lined paper Pencil A sack lunch You will also need to get your child a copy of the literature book that ... Read more