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Yearbooks have arrived! We will be distributing them this week, May 24.

Our Grand Finale will be on May 31st at 6pm. Please pick up your children, but be back at 6 for our annual Grand Finale. We will have our Open House from 6-630pm - our students have learned and created some amazing things which you can walk through classrooms and look at. Our music classes will perform in the sanctuary at 6:45 - all the way from the youngest to the oldest! It is always a fantastic evening, so bring your friends and family and join us.

Special note: We have a very special number prepared for Friday evening, and Ms. Melissa asks that every student who is in one of her classes (elementary and upper school) report to her room at 3 for a half hour practice. So parents of students of Ms. Melissa, please plan to pick up at 3:30 rather than 3. This is on the 31st of May, the day of our Grand Finale!

May is TEACHER APPRECIATION month! Please think of fun and creative ways to show special thanks to our teachers. If you need ideas, Sabine Scudiero is the one to talk to. 🙂

The ODE Owl has been released! Click here to read the first issue.

Elementary homework will be posted here on the website by 8am Monday mornings. Upper school homework can be found on Thinkwave. Click HERE to access Thinkwave.

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