Time Travelers Art

Ms. Melissa Hammer

Course Description: These courses will introduce & explore the fundamentals of art through various mediums, methods, and masters (both modern & historical artists).

Objective: 1st – 3rd grade students will be introduced to various methods and mediums of art. Students will also gain an understanding of the fundamentals of art through projects.

Fundamentals for these courses include:

  • a knowledge of color theory and color groups
  • exploration & proper use of mediums, methods and tools
  • introduce proper use of artistic vocabulary
  • examine both modern & master artist in relation to projects executed


Meet Mrs. Melissa Hammer! Here is a little note from our new art teacher.

My name is Melissa Hammer and I have been teaching art at Grace Lutheran School in River Forest for 5 years. I’m a Wisconsin girl transplanted to the Chicago area after schooling at Evangel College, in Springfield, MO & UW Milwaukee. My husband & I have been married for 19 years and have a 16yr old daughter & 13yr old son.  Although I went to school for Art Education, I spent most of my adult life in the corporate world, only to be left exhausted and feeling undervalued. After raising my children at home, I volunteered and worked as a teacher’s aid at my kids’ school. Ultimately, I was asked to take over the art program, which has been my dream come true.

I am classically trained and have experience in many fields; from drawing to painting, metal sculpting, & clay.  I love paint & clay and am NEVER afraid of getting messy. I absolutely LOVE teaching art to all age ranges and enjoy writing my own lesson plans based on the group I’m working with.  It’s exciting for me to break down the process of creating a piece of art, demonstrate the method, discuss the medium, or tying in an artist or genre so that kids understand the history. I get bored easily, so I love to expose children to new and exciting projects.  I also love finding beauty in nature and exploring art in every culture.  

I would describe myself as an ambitious teacher, in that I believe children can accomplish amazing things when they are challenged.  I enjoy encouraging students & guiding them accordingly. I am so very excited to start this new journey with ODE. I also look forward to building new relationships and having a great time teaching your children!