Welcome to ODE


Maybe you are new to homeschooling and you are finding it scary and difficult.


Or you may be new, but have discovered joy and pleasure in homeschooling – and have watched your child bloom in front of your very eyes.


Maybe you are a veteran and have been homeschooling for years.


You may be the homeschooling mom of an only child. Or you may have a gaggle of babies and toddlers to juggle as you work with your school-aged student.

Maybe you’re looking for encouragement. You may be looking for outside academic support. You may be looking to widen your child’s circle of friends.

Whatever your situation, whatever your experience, you and your child are warmly welcome at ODE. We need each other – and even if you may feel alone in your situation, you will find that you are not.

Where we meet…

One Day Enrichment is graciously hosted at Judson Baptist Church.

Judson Baptist Church
1252 N. Austin
Oak Park, IL