Literature 2019/20

Time Travelers – Literature Session 3

Book:  Ramona Quimby, Age 8  by Beverly Cleary

Ramona is 8 years old now, and her family is depending on her to “do her part”.  She takes the bus to school, and stays at her friend’s house after school so that her mom can go to work, and her dad can go back to school.  But Ramona’s family is often tired and worried about money. Ramona isn’t sure her teacher likes her. But even when times are tough, her family is there for each other, and gives Ramona the courage to confront her concerns.  

Author Beverly Cleary writes about kids and the real things that bring them joy and frustration.

For Session 3, we will continue to read 1-2 chapters of our book per week for homework, and will always have a Homework Bookmark sent home with the reading assignment and some questions to answer.  Bringing a completed Homework Bookmark back to ODE each week helps everyone to be able to participate in class discussion.

Audio books and ebooks are always fine to use.  I have a few extra physical copies of the book that I am happy to lend out.  Let me know if you would like to borrow one.

Also, feel free to contact me at any time with questions (

– Allison Andrews, Literature Teacher  

Week 1  (Jan. 31)

  • Introduction to Author Beverly Cleary. 
  • Pre-reading activity – look at the Table of Contents in Ramona Quimby, Age 8.  Read the chapter titles.  Predict what the story might be about.
  • Vocabulary practice – find definitions for words that will be in Chapter 1.

Activity:  Design Cover Page for Book Study packet

Homework:  Read Chapter 1 of Ramona Quimby, Age 8.  Answer questions on the Homework Bookmark.

Week 2  (Feb. 7)

  • Discuss Chapter 1.  Characters & Settings

Activity:  “Froggy Went A-Courtin”  book/song (in preparation for reading Chapter 2)

Homework:  Read Chapter 2.  Answer questions on the Homework Bookmark.

Week 3  (Feb. 14)

  • Discuss Chapter 2.  Good/Bad parts of 3rd Grade.  After school at the Kemps’ house.

Activity:  Make D.E.A.R or S.S.R. signs (Drop Everything And Read / Sustained Silent Reading)

Play “Froggy Went A-Courtin”

Homework:  Read Chapter 3.  Answer questions on the Homework Bookmark.

Week 4  (Feb. 21)

  • Discuss Chapter 3.  What is a fad? What is a nuisance?

Activity:  Egg Craftivity

Homework:  Read Chapters 4 & 5.  Answer questions on the Homework Bookmark.

Week 5  (Feb. 28)

  • Discuss Chapters 4 & 5.  What problems are weighing on each family member?  Ramona and Beezus’ dinner.

Activity:  What would you make for dinner for your family?

Homework:  Read Chapters 6 & 7.  Answer questions on the Homework Bookmark.

Week 6  (March 6)

  • Discuss Chapters 6 & 7.  Troubles at home and at school.

Activity:  Draw/Write about a day where everything seemed to go wrong.

“Drawing Board” worksheet

Homework:  Read Chapter 8.  Answer questions on the Homework Bookmark.

Week 7  (March 13)

  • Discuss Chapter 8.  What are the worries of each family member?  Ramona’s Book Commercial. Ramona confronts her teacher.

Activity:  Create a Book Commercial

Look up the word “cross”  (it will be used a lot in Chapter 9)

Homework:  Read Chapter 9.  Answer questions on the Homework Bookmark.

Week 8  (March 20)

  • Discuss Chapter 9.  How does Mr. Quimby’s decision change everyone’s mood?


  • Create a back-story for the old man at the restaurant (from his point of view)
  • Take the Character Quiz
  • Word Search

This is the last day of Session 3 – No Homework




Course Description

We will usually read one chapter books per Session.  We will use the theme of the book to inspire class discussion, projects, storytelling, writing and art work. We will also use the text to develop comprehension, identify character, setting & plot, and define vocabulary words using context clues.  Our main goal will be to connect with each story in a way that is fun, imaginative and meaningful to the class.
Books will be chosen keeping in mind that our students have varied interests and reading levels.
Each week, students will be asked to read an assigned number of chapters at home so that they will be able to participate fully in class discussions and activities.
While it is always nice to have an actual copy of a book, ebooks and audiobooks are fine as well.


Teacher: Allison Andrews

Allison has a B.A. in Elementary Education from Cornell College.  She has taught First Grade in both parochial and public schools.  For the past sixteen years she has been a stay-at-home parent to her two children.  Before coming to ODE, Allison spent many hours volunteering at her children’s schools, being a Girl Scout mom, and teaching Sunday School classes.

This will be Allison’s third year at ODE, where she started as a teaching assistant, and gradually began teaching Elementary Literature classes.  She enjoys creating Literature lessons that interact with a story’s theme in many different ways, drawing from her experience as a classroom teacher and her love for good books.  Allison looks forward to  spending each Friday exploring great stories with the enthusiastic and creative kids at ODE.  She is spending the summer reading lots of books in preparation for a great year!

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