Literature 2019/20

Session 2:

The Time Travelers will be reading The Dragonsitter by Josh Lacey

(The Dragonsitter is a series, so be sure you are getting Book 1. It has a red cover.)



Time Travelers - Literature Session One 

Required Book -  Space Taxi: Water Planet Rescue  by Wendy Mass

Archie Morningstar, his dad, and Pockets the cat are out to help the Intergalactic Security Force investigate a serious problem on the planet Nautilus.  With the help of their Space Taxi, some handy gadgets, and their new space friends, they work to save the universe once again.

This book has great character descriptions and creative settings.  We will create Character Outlines for the main characters, as well as discuss how we envision different places in the story, such as Akbar’s Floating Rest Stop, Graff’s Garage, and the planet Nautilus.  

We will also make a list of topics that interest us as we read through the book.  For example: Can we recreate Pocket’s magnifying glass-pencil? How do magnets work?  What would an ISF badge look like? What is a Nautilus?

As students make a list of topics that interest them, I would like to give them a chance to work with each other to create projects that reflect and expand on the story.

Also, if there is an interest and time allows, we may do a short author study on Wendy Mass.  The older Literature classes are reading a book by the same author, and it may be fun to research and gather information to create an author display with contributions from all four classes.



The Session outline below is very basic, as each lesson will be planned based on class discussions from the previous week.   I’m looking forward to exploring this book with the Time Travelers!

Week 1 (9/6/19)


Read Chapter 1 together in class.   Discuss and create Character Outlines for Archie, Dad & Pockets.  

Cooperative game.

Homework:  Read Chapter 2


Week 2 (9/13/19)

Discuss Chapter 2.   What else do we learn about Pockets and his personality in this chapter?

Homework:  Read Chapter 3


Week 3 (9/20/19)

Discuss Chapter 3.   Archie, Dad and Pockets embark on their new mission, but must stop at Akbar’s Floating Rest Stop on the way.   How does Akbar’s Floating Rest Stop compare to rest stops that you have visited?

Homework:  Read Chapter 4


Week 4 (9/27/19)

Discuss Chapter 4.   Dad takes the taxi to Graff’s Garage to be aqua-fitted for their mission.   Are Graff and his workers typical mechanics?

Homework:  Read Chapter 5


Week 5 (10/4/19)

Discuss Chapter 5.   We are introduced to the planet Nautilus, and its leaders Carp & Salmon.   What could be causing the mysterious wall of water?  What is a Nautilus?  

Homework:  Read Chapter 6


Week 6 (10/11/19)

Discuss Chapter 6.   The taxi transforms in order to travel underwater to The Nautilus National  Bank.   What are the interesting gadgets that Archie, Dad and Pockets use to adapt to working under water?

Homework:  Read Chapters 7 & 8


Week 7 (10/18/19)

Discuss Chapters 7 & 8.   Archie discovers magnetic rocks, and the mystery of the water wall is solved.

What does Archie mean when he says, “The Universe just became a little smaller.”?


Week 8 (10/25/19)

Complete and present any book related projects.  

Book related activities/games.



Course Description

We will usually read one chapter books per Session.  We will use the theme of the book to inspire class discussion, projects, storytelling, writing and art work. We will also use the text to develop comprehension, identify character, setting & plot, and define vocabulary words using context clues.  Our main goal will be to connect with each story in a way that is fun, imaginative and meaningful to the class.
Books will be chosen keeping in mind that our students have varied interests and reading levels.
Each week, students will be asked to read an assigned number of chapters at home so that they will be able to participate fully in class discussions and activities.
While it is always nice to have an actual copy of a book, ebooks and audiobooks are fine as well.


Teacher: Allison Andrews

Allison has a B.A. in Elementary Education from Cornell College.  She has taught First Grade in both parochial and public schools.  For the past sixteen years she has been a stay-at-home parent to her two children.  Before coming to ODE, Allison spent many hours volunteering at her children's schools, being a Girl Scout mom, and teaching Sunday School classes.

This will be Allison's third year at ODE, where she started as a teaching assistant, and gradually began teaching Elementary Literature classes.  She enjoys creating Literature lessons that interact with a story's theme in many different ways, drawing from her experience as a classroom teacher and her love for good books.  Allison looks forward to  spending each Friday exploring great stories with the enthusiastic and creative kids at ODE.  She is spending the summer reading lots of books in preparation for a great year!

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