Literature 2019/20

Time Travelers - Literature Session 2
Book: The Dragonsitter by Josh Lacey

The Dragonsitter is a story told completely in emails between a boy (Edward Smith-Pickle) and his uncle (Morton Pickle).
Uncle Morton leaves his pet dragon with Eddie for a week, but it doesn’t start out well. Eddie sends email after email to his uncle, each one more desperate than the next! Will Eddie hear from Uncle Morton before the dragon destroys the house?!
Since this session is a bit chopped up because of the holiday breaks, The Dragonsitter is a shorter book, but still a lot of fun.

While reading the book, we will discuss different parts of an email, and write some of our own (including “photo” attachments). We will have a weekly vocabulary word (or two) from the book. We will also develop our own Dragonsitter Board Game based on the events of the book.

On Week 5 (Dec. 13), I will be sending home a Cam Jansen mystery book for your child to start reading over the three-week break (if possible). We will spend Weeks 6-8 talking about Cam Jansen and maybe solve a mystery of our own. I have enough Cam Jansen books to lend out for the session so that parents don’t need to buy/borrow an extra book. I only ask that the Cam Jansen books are returned to me at the end of the session.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!
- Allison Andrews, Literature teacher


Week 1 (Nov. 8)
Bring The Dragonsitter to class. We will read the first two emails together in class.
Homework: Read the next 7 emails from Eddie to Uncle Morton dated Aug. 1 - Aug 3 (pages 8-25). Check the Homework Bookmark for questions and vocabulary words.

Week 2 (Nov. 15)
Discuss the chapters read for homework and any assigned vocabulary words.
Try writing an email including a subject line and attach a “photo”. Begin writing game cards based on the events of the story so far.
Homework: Read the next 9 emails dated Aug. 4 - 6 (pages 26-45). Check the Homework Bookmark for questions and vocabulary words.

Week 3 (Nov. 22)
Discuss the chapters read for homework and any assigned vocabulary words.
Continue to write game cards based on the events of the story, and vocabulary words.
Discuss pictures/decorations for the game board.
Homework: Read the last two emails, dated Aug. 6 - 8, and the instructions from Uncle Morton (pages 46-58). Check the Homework Bookmark for questions and vocabulary words.

No ODE on Nov. 29 (Thanksgiving Break)

Week 4 (Dec. 6)
Discuss the end of the book and any assigned vocabulary words.
Continue to work on the Dragonsitter game board and question cards.
Create a game piece.
Homework: None

Week 5 (Dec. 13)
Play The Dragonsitter Board Game!
Choose a Cam Jansen mystery book to borrow for the Holiday Break.
Homework: Start reading your Cam Jansen book (if possible). Make a list of the characters in the book.

No ODE Dec. 20 - Jan 3 (Holiday Break)

Week 6 (Jan. 10)
Discuss the characters in your Cam Jansen book.
Everyone has a different book - are there characters that show up in each book?
Homework: Finish reading your Cam Jansen book. Were you able to solve the mystery before the end of the book? What were some of the clues along the way?

Week 7 (Jan. 17)
Discuss Story Elements: Character, Setting, Conflict/Mystery, Solution.
How does your Cam Jansen book fit into these categories? Do examples together in class.
Homework: Worksheet - Write down the characters, setting, mystery and solution to your Cam Jansen book. Be ready to share next week in class. Please bring your book to return next Friday.

Week 8 (Jan. 24)
Present your Cam Jansen book!
Mystery Game.
No Homework


Course Description

We will usually read one chapter books per Session.  We will use the theme of the book to inspire class discussion, projects, storytelling, writing and art work. We will also use the text to develop comprehension, identify character, setting & plot, and define vocabulary words using context clues.  Our main goal will be to connect with each story in a way that is fun, imaginative and meaningful to the class.
Books will be chosen keeping in mind that our students have varied interests and reading levels.
Each week, students will be asked to read an assigned number of chapters at home so that they will be able to participate fully in class discussions and activities.
While it is always nice to have an actual copy of a book, ebooks and audiobooks are fine as well.


Teacher: Allison Andrews

Allison has a B.A. in Elementary Education from Cornell College.  She has taught First Grade in both parochial and public schools.  For the past sixteen years she has been a stay-at-home parent to her two children.  Before coming to ODE, Allison spent many hours volunteering at her children's schools, being a Girl Scout mom, and teaching Sunday School classes.

This will be Allison's third year at ODE, where she started as a teaching assistant, and gradually began teaching Elementary Literature classes.  She enjoys creating Literature lessons that interact with a story's theme in many different ways, drawing from her experience as a classroom teacher and her love for good books.  Allison looks forward to  spending each Friday exploring great stories with the enthusiastic and creative kids at ODE.  She is spending the summer reading lots of books in preparation for a great year!

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