Lost and Found!

Last chance for Lost & Found!

This Friday MORNING, please COME INSIDE when you bring the kiddos and peruse the many items that have been collected in the LOST & FOUND!!!

We have THREE BIG boxes of books📚, water bottles🍼🥤, lunch boxes🎒, shoes👟, clothing 🧥👕👖🧢🧤🧣 and more that miss their families and would like to come home.

This Friday MORNING ☀️ we will lay everything out on tables to make it easier to find any items that may belong to your family. I will also take pics and post on our FB page.

Alternatively, if you know you are missing something, post a description below and we will try to find it for you!

Although we would love to make sure every item is reconnected with it’s family, there just isn’t enough room to keep everything so long. Therefore, anything left after lunch will be packed up and donated to charity.

As always, there will be hot coffee in the lounge so please come inside, grab a coffee, have a look around, (find that missing lunch box) and enjoy a little chit chat with other parents 😃