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Read The ODE Owl

Several ODE students have worked together to produce a wonderful first issue of an ODE magazine. Congratulations to them for the excellent work and providing an enjoyable light-hearted read on ODE community news. The issue features writings by Danny A., Luke F., Oscar C., Kadence K, Luke C. and a fun comic strip entry from Ismael M.. Overseen by staff member Mrs. Criminger.

This read comes highly recommended from the ODE staff.

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Moms in Prayer

We are starting up our Moms in Prayer hour hosted, once again, by Alison Doyle.

Moms in Prayer will meet at 8:30 AM every Friday during ODE. We will pray over our children, our homes, our relationships and whatever we bring to share.

Please join us for prayer this Friday at 8:30 AM.

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