String Lessons in Oak Park for your child – tailored to the home schooling family!

The Oak Park String Academy has daytime lessons available and would love to add homeschooled children to their available slots.


***Special note from Meg Lanfear:

If families sign up before September, they will receive a discount of $135 off! I am always willing to work with families who can come for lessons during the day, so even if lessons are something that a family might think is out of their reach, they should contact me to discuss.

Meg Lanfear, Founder & Director
Oak Park String Academy
(630) 886-6183

Here is some information:

The Suzuki Method emphasizes several techniques and philosophies which often align with the goals of homeschooling parents. Here are a few:
You are the Suzuki Home Teacher
-In the Suzuki Method, parents attend lessons with the child and serve as “home teachers” during the week. The role of the Suzuki “home teacher” naturally complements the role of the homeschooling parent because parental involvement is integral to the success of the method. Previous musical knowledge from the parent is not at all required because the teacher ensures that parents understand all unfamiliar technical and musical concepts.

Developing the Whole Child

The purpose of music instruction is not to create professional musicians, but to develop the whole child through the study of music. Dr. Suzuki’s goal was not simply to develop professional musicians, but to nurture loving human beings and help develop each child’s character through the study of music. Our faculty also think of music as a means of teaching children skills like the ability to focus one’s attention, time management, goal-setting, the satisfaction of hard work (and accompanying success), teamwork, and self-assessment. These are valuable skills for all children, homeschooled or otherwise!


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