ODE fitness opportunities

For the students

Do your students need a plan to keep them active and healthy? Recent studies have shown that the one area homeschooled students do lag slightly behind their school-attending peers is in physical fitness. It can be a challenge to incorporate PE into crazy homeschooling days, especially if your student is not on a sports team.

PEO.fitness provides just the thing for homeschooling families. Created by homeschool families for homeschool families. Watch this video to learn more.

For the moms

No one works harder and is pulled in as many directions as a homeschooling mom! Finding the time to go to the gym or a run may seem like a distant memory or a lofty dream for the future. You may be a mom who just delivered your 15th baby or had your only child 17 years ago, but most likely you fall somewhere between. But for any mom, this program may change everything. Most women experience some degree of abdominal separation during pregnancy and childbirth, leading to various health concerns, pain, and vulnerability. This program safely provides a clear path for your healing, and then places you on a trajectory to strength and fitness possibly surpassing your pre-baby self! Every Mother is the gift every mother needs, and can fit seamlessly into your busy days.