Illinois requirements for a high school diploma

If you are wondering what exactly your child needs to satisfy the requirements of high school in our state of Illinois, Mrs. York has put together some links and a summary of exactly that. Please note this does not necessarily satisfy college entrance requirements.

In Illinois, the current high school graduation requirements are, for students starting high school in 2016 and later, available here:   Every homeschool parent should make sure they understand these requirements.
This is a very brief summary:
TOTAL: 16 Units of High School (with each unit being a year-long class. Partial-year classes can be added together.)
Math: 3 Years including Algebra 1 and some Geometry
English: 4 Years  (no content specified)
Writing: 2 Years of ‘Writing Intensive’ courses, one should be an English class and the other is open.
Science: 2 Years (no content specified)
Social Studies: 2 Years and one year must be US History with a semester of specified civics content/Constitution (IL and US) exam if not completed in middle school
Consumer Education: 9 Weeks (may be part of Economics or another course)
Health: 18 Weeks of Health Education
Electives: 1 Year of arts (foreign language, music, art, etc.)
Physical Education: 4 Years of some sort of daily physical education but this is not a graduation requirement but rather a requirement that every high school program offer this to all students.
SCED. This is a standardized way to code classes in high school transcripts. Using these codes is completely optional but may help colleges in understanding a student’s achievements. Here is the link to the current catalog of codes and how they are used:
Note from EBY – – The Excel file can be kind of confusing. There is a .PDF version that is a little older but still includes most (hundreds!!) of the codes and is searchable: