Water Cycle – Dolphin Swimmers and Time Travelers Science

The Water Cycle

This week the students watched a short video produced by the National Science Foundation about the water cycle, and then we made our own in a bowl using plastic wrap and hot water.  We covered four words: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection.  We also made a cloud appear and disappear in a bottle, and talked about how clouds form.  We then talked about how precipitation comes about.  Last, we used measurements to highlight how all the water on Earth is divided between salt and fresh water, and what a small fraction of all water is readily available as fresh water.

Questions you can ask:

  • When you saw the cloud appear (and disappear) in the bottle, what ingredients made up the cloud? (evaporated water, dust/smoke, and pressure)
  • When you looked at all the water on Earth, where is most of the water?  What did you think when you saw how little water is available for us to use, compared to how much water exists?
  • Why do you think the sky is more colorful during some sunsets?
  • Why don’t clouds rain all the time?