Last Friday we talked about Albert Einstein. We learned he was a very curious child with lots of questions. He was slow to learn according to his teachers, but became one of the greatest scientist in the world. We decide as a class to ask questions ourselves on how, what, and why things were made. For homework research about a topic of your interest and come ready to share with your classmates what your learned. For example someone had a question on why poles are on the streets and why they were invented. This student will research and bring that information to class. Please have fun with this project and be creative. Draw a picture, make a model or simply tells us what you learned about your topic. Here is the list of students and the topics they picked. Feel free to email me with any questions Christytello6@gmail.com

Clara-street poles

Zaelyn-ketchup and pickles


Ella-what cat noses are made of


Kathryn-why platypus lay eggs when they are mammals

Agnes-cave men and how they ate different foods


MeiLin-cave men and how they learned