Time Travelers – Literature

There is no Homework for Time Travelers.

If you are working on a Book Project, bring it to class this Friday, Oct. 25.  See below for ideas.


We will be reading The Dragonsitter by Josh Lacey next session.

The first day of Session 2 is Nov. 8.


Space Taxi Book Projects Ideas
If you would like to do a Book Project about Space Taxi: Water Planet Rescue at home,
here are some ideas.
Bring your project to class on Week 8 (Oct. 25) to share with the class!
(This is an optional activity)

– Create a model of what the Space Taxi would look like with its underwater modifications.
– Make Akbar’s Floating Rest Stop, or a rest stop of your own design.
– Put together a gadget – make up a commercial to try to sell it to the class.
– Imagine you live on Nautilus. Write a journal entry about a typical day in your life.
– Draw a picture of an alien. Tell a story about him or her.
– Create a diorama of a scene from the book.
– Make a menu of foods that start with the first letter of your name.
– Research magnets. Make a poster of interesting facts.

Or, come up with your own cool project!