Stars and Constellations for Dolphin Swimmers and Time Travelers

Stars and Constellations

This is what we covered today!  Listed below are some questions you could ask your child.  

The life cycle of stars 

  • What did you learn about how stars form and get old? 
  • What do you think stars are made of?
  • Why/How do stars give off light?


The kids drew pictures of their own ideas of constellations and took home punched out patterns on a black circle that they can use with a flashlight to make their own “constellations” indoors. The Dolphin Swimmers also made “constellations” on the ground using coins as stars, and their own bodies to make the shapes (see Facebook page for photos).

  • How do stargazers or astronomers use constellations?
  • Do constellations stay in the same place in the sky?
  • What would be a good name for a constellation?

The Time Travellers also built “satellites” out of milk cartons and we talked about how scientists use some satellites to gather space dust to analyze.  We held the satellites in “orbit” over corn flour and threw a ball into the flour to create a “dust cloud”.  Unfortunately most of the satellites didn’t gather much dust, but it was a fun experiment.