Science Week 6 Dolphin Swimmers and Time Travelers

Egg Drop Challenge

Today we watched a short video about the landing of the Mars Rover Curiosity in 2012.  We saw how the scientists helped Curiosity land safely on the surface of Mars.  We looked at how different materials were better or worse at cushioning the fall of an egg (our “Rover”).  We then designed and made our own cushions for our eggs (Rovers) and tested them.  Listed below are some questions you could ask your child.  

    • What material do you think was the best at helping the egg drop without cracking?
    • How would you change your design if you were to do it again?
    • If you were to retest the egg drop with the SAME design, what could you change?  (the surface you drop onto, the height you drop from, etc.)
    • What did you think was the best part of how the scientists designed the landing of Curiosity?