Literature – Seahorses & Dragons

There is no Literature homework for Seahorses & Dragons.

However, students may choose to create a Book Project and bring it to class this Friday, January 24. Book Projects are optional.


Other important information:

– Our Literature book for Session 3 will be Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper. Because it is a slightly longer book than the others we have read, I would like everyone to get the book and have Chapters 1-4 read by the first day of class (if possible). Audio books and ebooks are fine to use. Session 3 begins on January 31.
– I will be passing out Scholastic Book Club flyers on January 31. If you would like to buy any books, online orders are due by Feb. 9. If you would like to check out the flyers before the 31st, you can go to, and use the Class Code TC42M to connect to ODE’s account. If you order books, they will be passed out during Literature class (probably on Feb. 21).
Please let me know if you have any questions.