Literature – Seahorses and Dragons

Literature Homework – due 3/13
Read Chapters 25, 26, 27 & 28 of Out of My Mind

Answer these questions:
Chapter 25
Why do you think Claire said what she did about Melody during the interview at the end of the chapter?

Chapter 26
What are some problems Melody and her mom encounter at the restaurant?

Chapter 27
Why is Melody unhappy about the newspaper article?

Why are her classmates unhappy about it?

Chapter 28
What were some of Melody’s emotions at the end of this chapter?

What were some of your emotions when you read this chapter?


Students are welcome to work on a Book Project for Out of My Mind. On Friday, some chose worksheets to work on for their project. They had the choice of a Character Chart, a Story Setting worksheet, or an Author Study – Who is Sharon M. Draper?. Some chose not to take on the extra work of a Book Project, which is fine as well (they know their limits!). Students are also welcome to come up with their own idea for a Book Project, as we have done in previous sessions. Again, this is all optional. Anyone doing a Book Project should bring it to class on Week 8, March 20.


Our Literature book for Session 4 will be Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein.

Session 4 begins on April 3.