Literature – Seahorses

Seahorses Literature Homework – due Jan. 24 (optional)

Frindle Book Project – Idea List

Seahorses may choose to create a book project for Frindle and bring it to share during Week 8 (January 24).

This is a very creative group. Everyone is welcome to come up with their own ideas for a project.

For those who need an idea, they may find inspiration from this list:

  • In Chapter 12, the news anchor talked about the origin of the word “quiz”. Research the origin of the word quiz, or any other word you find interesting. Write about it and be ready to report to the class.
  • The author describes Mrs. Granger’s eyes in many different ways to reflect how she is feeling in different situations. Make a chart about Mrs. G’s eyes.
  • Create the front page of a newspaper. Add headlines, photos and articles that are inspired by the book.
  • Research Noah Webster. Draw or write interesting facts about him – present them in a creative way.
  • The author says that Nick had “other adventures” in High School (p. 93), but didn’t want to delay the story by telling about them. Write a story about one of Nick’s other adventures.
  • Look up Andrew Clements’ obituary or other information about him. Create an “About the Author” page to hang up in our classroom.
  • Construct a diorama of your favorite scene from Frindle.

Book Projects are optional.