Literature – Dragons

Read Chapters 10, 11 & 12 of Frindle – due 12/13

Answer these questions:

Chapter 10:

How does the author describe Mrs. Granger’s eyes as she talks to the newspaper reporter?

How do the kids know that Mrs. Granger isn’t looking at the punishment papers?


Chapter 11:

The headline of the newspaper article says:  Local 5th Grader Says, “Move over, Mr. Webster”  Who is Mr. Webster?

Why do you think the reporter chose this as a headline?


Chapter 12:

How is Nick changing because of the fame that came from the newspaper article?

What did Bud Lawrence do when he read about the frindle?



Mrs. Granger called using the word frindle a “silly fad” (p. 61)

What is the definition of the word fad?


Andrews Clements:

One of our Dragons brought the news that our author, Andrew Clements, died last week on November 28.  I have enjoyed reading so many of his books. Hopefully your children have enjoyed reading Frindle. If anyone would like to borrow another Andrew Clements book to read, I have a few to lend. 

I have (hopefully!) attached a link to his obituary.  He was an interesting person!