Literature – Dragons

Dragons Literature Homework – Due Nov. 22
Read Chapters 6, 7, & 8 of Frindle

Answer these questions on your Homework Bookmark, or on a separate sheet of paper:

Chapter 6:
How did Nick put his frindle plan into action?

Chapter 7:
How did Nick introduce the word frindle to Mrs. Granger?

Chapter 8:
How does Mrs. Granger try to stop the use of the word frindle, and does it work?


Ask your parents: Did you have a “baby word” like Nick, that everyone knew the meaning of?

“Word for the Day”
Mrs. Granger “emphasized the word word” (p. 40)
What does “emphasize” mean?


We will play Jeopardy next week for Chapters 1 – 8!
(Be sure to review Chapters 1 – 5)


Scholastic Bookclub Flyers:
I sent home the new Scholastic Bookclub flyers on Friday. If you are interested in ordering any books, go to Create a Parent Account using the code TC42M (this will link you with ODE’s account). Order books through the Scholastic website (no shipping fees) by Nov. 24. All books will be delivered to ODE and will be given to your kids during Literature class to take home (I make sure they go right in their backpacks so they get home safely). Orders should arrive before the Holiday Break.
Let me know if you have any questions.