Literature – Banana Smoothies

Banana Smoothies Literature Homework – due Jan. 17

Banana Smoothies should finish reading their Cam Jansen mystery book if they haven’t already.

I sent home a worksheet to be completed after reading the book.  It’s the “Clues” worksheet, and has four magnifying glasses on it.  Unfortunately, I’m not able to provide a link for this page.

If the worksheet got misplaced, just have your student write down several clues in the story that helped Cam solve the mystery.  I will have a few extra worksheets next week, and they can fill in the information when they get to class.

The “Clues” will be part of a Lap Book that each student is working on to illustrate different elements of their Cam Jansen book, including Characters, Setting, Problem, Solution, Suspects, Clues and more.  Everyone will bring their Lap Books home at the end of January.

Next week, on January 17, everyone should bring their clues and their Cam Jansen book to class.