Literature – Banana Smoothies

Optional Literature Homework for Dragonsitter (due 12/13)

Banana Smoothies may choose to create a book project for Dragonsitter and bring it to share next week.

This is a very creative group. Everyone is welcome to come up with their own ideas for a project.

For those who need an idea, they may find inspiration from this list:
– Write several emails between two characters in the book. Add attachments.
– What do you think Jemima the pet rabbit looked like?
– Create a travel brochure for Uncle Morton’s hotel.
– Create a chocolate bar wrapper that Ziggy the Dragon might like.
– Pretend Mom put an ad in the paper to get rid of the dragon. What would it say? Add a picture of Ziggy.
– Write a “book commercial” for Dragonsitter. Add information that would make someone want to read this book.
– Draw a map of a place mentioned in the book (house, vacation spot, neighborhood, etc.)
– Create a diorama of a favorite part of the story.

Bring your project to class next Friday, December 13.
Anyone who brings a project will earn a Literature Ticket (Lit Tix)!