Famous Buildings, Foil Boats, and Marble Runs

Famous Buildings, Marble Runs, and Foil Boats

This week we revisited a couple of activities that students told me that they would like more time on.   We talked about the steps that engineers go through to imagine, design, and build things to solve problems.   This week the students had to draw a design before they started working on their project.  Both the foil boat builders and the marble run builders made improvements on their previous designs and showed how they had learned from the drawbacks of their previous work.  We also had an station where students looked at pictures of famous buildings and used modeling clay and wooden sticks to recreate some of the structures.  The Eiffel Tower was the favorite inspiration.

Here are some questions you can ask your child:  

  • What do you think you learned about the engineering design process?  Which part was the hardest (imagine, design, build) and why?  
  • When you sometimes wanted more materials to build (foil, sticks, or clay) and couldn’t get more, how did that affect your building?