Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library #7

Hello Seahorses and Dragons!

Here are some questions and activities for Chapters 50 – 56 of Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.
If you choose to answer the questions, or do any of the activities, I would love to see the results of your hard work! Also, feel free to contact me with any questions.
You can email me ( or post a picture of your book project(s) on the ODE Facebook page. Have fun!

Questions for Chapters 50 – 56:

Chapter 50:
– Why is Kyle able to complete his Extreme Challenge in time?
– Do you think Charles would have been able to complete this challenge in time (if he had been given the opportunity)? Why or why not?

Chapter 51:
– Do you know what book Mr. Lemoncello is referencing when he compares Charles’s uncle to a spider he once knew? (p. 257)
– Charles doesn’t understand Mr. Lemocello’s joke about Al Capone (p. 258). Do you know what book title Mr. Lemoncello is quoting?
(Hint: The book titles for both of these questions are located in the Bonus Section in the back of the book – look for “Books Sprinkled into Mr. Lemoncello’s Dialogue”.

Chapter 52:
Back in Chapter 31, Team Kyle thought the word “candy” was the correct rhyme for “Andy”, which led them to believe that the story of Willy Wonka was a clue. Go back to p. 164 – the correct clue is there, but the kids missed it. Did you find it?

Chapter 53:
The kids connect several clues in this chapter (Dandy Bandits, Haley’s picture clue, the bank vault door, the blackbird/siren sounds). Did you already figure out some of these clues? Did any surprise you?

Chapter 54:
– What is Dr. Zinchenko’s number one rule that all the kids except Charles are able to remember? (p.271)
– Mr. Lemoncello asked Kyle about breaking a window to win a game (p. 272). Do you think Kyle is still the same type of game player that he was at the beginning of the book? Why or why not?

Chapter 55:
– According to the book True Crime Ohio, how did the Dandy Bandits burrow into the bank vault?
– Why did Dr. Zinchenko want the children to read Get to Know Your Local Library and The Adventures of the Red-Headed League?
– How is Kyle going to use the True Crime Ohio book to find the shortcut out of the library?

Chapter 56:
– Why did Kyle grin when he saw that they would have to go through a basement window to win the game?
– The last sentence of the book is “There might be balloons!” Why did Mr. Lemoncello say this to Kyle?



Book Activity options:

Secret Exit –
Imagine there is a secret exit at ODE. Where would it be?
Choose one of these options…
– Write clues for locked-in Literature students to decipher in order to escape!
– Create a diorama with a hidden secret exit. See if someone in your family can find it.
– Write a story about Literature students locked in at ODE, trying to escape.
– Create a map of the inside of Judson with a pathway from the Literature room to a secret exit.


Anagrams –
In Chapter 55, the kids come up with 16 words made from the letters of Luigi L. Lemoncello. Write out all the letters of your name, and see how many words you can spell with them. Have a contest with your family – set a timer for 60 seconds (or more) and see who can come up with the most words.


Board Game –
Design your own board game based on the book – add characters and locations from the story.
– What is the goal of the game – how do you win?
– How do you advance along the game board – Roll dice? Spin a spinner? Answer questions? Solve a puzzle? Act out a scene?
– Write out/explain the rules to someone, and try playing the game. Be prepared to make some adjustments.
– Give your game a name!