Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library #5

Hello Seahorses and Dragons!

We’re already more than half-way through Session 4! It would be so much better if we could talk about this book together, but I hope you are still enjoying it at home. Remember that there are more books in the Mr. Lemoncello’s Library series. If you have finished reading Book 1, see if you can get your hands on the next book!

Here are some questions and activities for Chapters 35 – 42 of Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.
If you choose to answer the questions, or do any of the activities, I would love to see the results of your hard work! Also, feel free to contact me with any questions.
You can email me ( or post a picture of your book project(s) on the ODE Facebook page. Have fun!

Questions for Chapters 35 – 42:

Chapter 35:
– John James Audubon is a famous ornithologist (p. 185). What is an ornithologist?
– Kyle thinks an ornithologist gives people braces. What word is Kyle thinking of?
– What does Akimi say the blackbird sounds like when it starts mimicking a wailing sound? (p. 185)
– Where does Mr. Audubon say that the blackbird he is painting is from? (p. 185)

Chapter 36:
Twice in this chapter, Charles decides not to play fairly. What are the two things he does?
(Hint: see p. 190 and p. 194)

Chapter 37:
– Why do you think Charles lies to Andrew about Haley? (p. 198)
– On p. 198, Charles uses the word juggernaut. What does “juggernaut” mean?

Chapter 38:
– Were you surprised when Kyle tried to give Charles and Andrew a hint by telling them that they should grab some books and read? (p. 200 – 201) Why or why not?
– Kyle chooses to read the Sherlock Holmes book with his team instead of playing Squirrel Squad Six with Charles and Andrew (p. 201 – 202). How has Kyle changed since the beginning of the story?

Chapter 39:
– On p. 206, Kyle decides to consult with an expert. What does “consult” mean?
– Who is the expert that Kyle wants to contact ? Why?
– Is this expert helpful? Why or why not?

Chapter 40:
What do Kyle and his friends realize about the cards in the Bibliomania game?

Chapter 41:
– How does Sierra figure out that her team needs to look up at the Wonder Dome?
– What clue did Akimi realize also pointed them to the Wonder Dome? (p. 217)
– Which Dewey decimal room will have the one book that the team really needs, according to Kyle? (p. 218)

Chapter 42:
– Charles continues to “play dirty”. What does he convince Andrew to do?
– How does Andrew accomplish this?


Discussion Points:

  • In Chapter 38, Kyle and his friends all grab different copies of the same book. The author makes a point to write that no one took the e-reader (p. 203). In Chapter 41, Sierra realizes that it is more fun to play games with real friends instead of virtual ones on the internet (p. 217). How do you think the author, Chris Grabenstein, feels about electronic books and video games versus real books and board games? Did you come across any other examples of this in the book?
  • In Chapter 39, Kyle is reading a Sherlock Holmes story called The Adventure of the Red-Headed League. Dr. Zinchenko says that she has recently reread this story. Based on her comment, and the plot that Kyle describes (p. 208), do you think this Sherlock Holmes mystery is a clue?
    Think about the clue that Haley discovered at the end of Chapter 38 (p. 204). Does this help?


Book Activity options for Chapter 35 – 42:

John James Audubon / Birdwatching:
In Chapter 35, Team Kyle encounters a hologram of John James Audubon, a very famous ornithologist. Mr. Audubon created hundreds of watercolor paintings of birds. You can see them on this website:

A very famous society was named after Audubon. You can check out their website at     There is a kid’s section all about bird watching and bird identification (and more!). If you have a pair of binoculars, go bird watching! If you don’t have binoculars, try sitting very quietly near a bush or tree, and see how many birds you can spot. If you can remember what they look like, look them up on the Audubon website (or a bird identification book), and write down the names of the birds you see. Try drawing a picture of the birds you find.


Clue Collection:
Both teams have been keeping track of the clues they find. Flip back through the book and review the clues. Make a chart or list. Do you think you are close to solving the mystery?


Do you feel like being creative? Let the book be your inspiration!
Draw a picture or create a diorama. Write a song or poem. Make a scavenger hunt list, or develop a board game. Share the results!