Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library #4

Hello Seahorses and Dragons!

I hope you are all doing well!

Here are some questions and activities for Chapters 28 – 34 of Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.
If you choose to answer the questions, or do any of the activities, I would love to see the results of your hard work! Also, feel free to contact me with any questions.
You can email me ( or post a picture of your book project(s) on the ODE Facebook page. Have fun!

Questions for Chapters 28 – 34:
Even though I’m not doing Homework Bookmark questions this session, I know some of you (or your parents) like to have questions to answer as you read each chapter.
If this is your thing, here you go! (If this isn’t your thing, scroll past the questions to other activity ideas):

Chapter 28:
– Everyone is on a “team” now. List the people on Kyle’s team and the people on Charles’s team.
– What is a “rebus”? (hint, see p. 143)

Chapter 29:
– Have you read any of the books on the backs of the kids’ library cards? If so, which ones?
If not, which ones do you think you might like to read? (You may have to look them up to see what they are about)

Chapter 30:
– What book has the call number 027.4?
– Who checked it out on May 26, 1964? (Do the calculations – how many years ago was that?)

Chapter 31:
Team Kyle found a display showcasing the Wonderful World of Willy Wonka (have you read the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl, or seen one of the movies?). Because Mr. Lemoncello seems a lot like the character Willy Wonka, they consider that maybe Mr. Lemoncello added a glass elevator to the library.
– Do you think that there is a glass elevator in Mr. Lemoncello’s library? Why or why not?

Chapter 32:
– What Commandment does Kyle’s team discover? What could it mean?

Chapter 33:
– Charles Chiltington is a cheater. What are some examples given in this chapter that prove this?
– What is Charles starting to realize about Haley Daley?

Chapter 34:
– What does Haley realize about the two teams when she sees Miguel carrying the Bible at the beginning of the chapter?
– Haley’s new picture clue is “bandits”. Where do you think that word fits into the sentence that Team Charles has so far? (see p. 172)
– Why do you think Haley decided to keep this clue a secret from Andrew and Charles?


Discussion Points:
*  If you were playing Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, would you team up with someone, or would you go solo? If you decided to team up, which team would you join?

*  What talents do you think each of the characters – Kyle, Akimi, Sierra & Miguel – bring to the team? What talent do you have that would contribute to their team?


Book Activity options for Chapter 28 – 34 (do as many as you would like!):

Team Charles and Team Kyle:
By the end of Chapter 28, all of the players have split up into teams. Draw a picture of the two teams. Give them matching shirts or uniforms, or create a team mascot or crest for them based on their personalities. Charles has lots of mottos, including one found on p. 181. Try to include one of his mottos in your design. What would be a good motto for Kyle’s team?


Try writing a message to someone in your house with a rebus. Write out what you want to say, then look at the words to see if you can turn part or all of them into pictures.
Post it on the ODE Facebook page. Or, if you want to email one to me, I would love to try to figure it out!


Mr. Lemoncello vs. Willy Wonka:
Read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, if you can get a hold of a copy.
Or, watch one of the movies (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the 1971 version with Gene Wilder, rated G; or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the 2005 version with Johnny Depp, rated PG).
Compare Willy Wonka to Mr. Lemoncello – how are they the same? Different?
Are the children in the two stories similar? If so, how?