Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library #3

Hello Seahorses and Dragons!

I hope you are all doing well!

Here are some questions and activities for Chapters 18 – 27 of Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.
If you choose to answer the questions, or do any of the activities, I would love to see the results of your hard work! Also, feel free to contact me with any questions.
You can email me ( or post a picture of your book project(s) on the ODE Facebook page. Have fun!


Questions for Chapters 18 – 27:

Even though I’m not doing Homework Bookmark questions this session, I know some of you (or your parents) like to have questions to answer as you read each chapter.
If this is your thing, here you go! (If this isn’t your thing, scroll past the questions to other activity ideas):

Chapter 18:
What happens to Yasmeen?
Do you think Charles is playing fairly? Explain.

Chapter 19:
What is Kyle’s plan to exit the library? Did it work?
On p. 98, Charles says, “You should never help your competition.” Do you agree or disagree? Explain.

Chapter 20:
What is Charles’ opinion of Haley Daley?
What did Dr. Zinchenko say that leads Charles to the “Staff Picks” display in the Lobby?
What is on the clue card that Charles discovers? What do you think it means?

Chapter 21:
Were you surprised by Haley’s reaction when Kyle, Sierra, and Akimi rescue her on p. 107? Explain.
What do Kyle, Akimi, and Sierra receive at the end of the chapter?

Chapter 22:
What is something we discover about Haley in this chapter that not many people know?
Why does Haley want to win?
What clues does Haley discover? What do you think they might mean?

Chapter 23:
At this point in the book, everyone is working on a different idea to find the exit. Make a list of what everyone is doing or where they are headed in the library.

Chapter 24:
Which player leaves the game in this chapter?
What does Sierra show Kyle and Akimi at the end of the chapter?
Do you think Sierra will try to win the game on her own, or do you think she will be loyal to Kyle and Akimi?

Chapter 25:
What do you think of Andrew’s behavior in this chapter?
Why do you think the holograms of the Pharaoh and Sekhmet chased him at the end of the chapter?
On p. 129, Kyle and Akimi run to help Miguel. Do you think this was a good idea? Explain.

Chapter 26:
What clues does Charles get in this chapter? What do you think they mean?
Who teams up in this chapter?

Chapter 27:
Why do Kyle and the others want to see the discarded library cards?
Do you think they should play “Let’s Do a Deal”? Explain.
Who joins Kyle’s team at the end of the chapter?


Book Activity options for Chapter 18 – 27 (do as many as you would like!):

The Library – Has anyone tried making a map or a diorama yet? The author continues to describe new places in the library. Keep making a list of the details as you read. If you haven’t done it yet, try making a drawing, diorama, or map of the library (or part of the library). Add as much detail as you can. Maybe add a secret escape route!


Point of View (POV):
Most chapters in this book are written from Kyle’s point of view. We know what he is thinking, but not what the other characters are thinking. However, every few chapters, the author writes from another character’s point of view. This gives us information and insight into the game that the other book characters don’t have.
From whose point of view does the author write the following chapters, and what do we find out about these people?
Chapter 20 –
Chapter 22 –
Chapter 26 –


Ancient Egypt Research:
In Chapter 25, the kids encounter holograms of a pharaoh and Sekhmet near the Art and Artifacts Room. Do a little research…
What is a pharaoh?
Who is Sekhmet? (If you Google it, I would suggest searching for something like “Sekhmet, info for kids” for easier reading). Or, try this link:

Make a poster or informational booklet about what you learned.


Book Trivia (feel free to email me for the answers):
Mr. Lemoncello likes to weave book titles into his conversations. What books are being mentioned in these quotes, and who is the author of each one?

  • “Sorry, Yasmeen. That’s where your sidewalk ends. You broke the rules. You are out of the game”. (p. 90)
  • In answer to a question, Mr. Lemoncello said, “Did Joey Pigaza lose control? Was Ella enchanted?” (p. 125)
  • “Well, great Gilly Hopkins,” said the Lemoncello dummy, “here you go!” (p. 126)


Extreme Challenge!!
In Chapter 24, Bridgette tries an Extreme Challenge. She must name four books by each author before time runs out.
You try it! Set a timer for 5 minutes. Before time runs out, write down 3 books written by each author.
– Wendy Mass
– Andrew Clements
– Sharon M. Draper