Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library #2

Hello Seahorses and Dragons!

I hope you have started a Character List for Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. You can keep adding to it as you read the book. It will also help you keep all of the characters straight – there are a lot of them!

Have you added any books to your Summer Reading List? Everytime I come across a book title that looks interesting to me, I put it on reserve at the library through my library app. I won’t be able to get them yet, but as soon as the library reopens, I will have a lot of books waiting for me!

Questions for Chapters 1 – 17:

Even though I’m not doing Homework Bookmark questions this session, I know some of you (or your parents) like to have questions to answer as you read each chapter.
If this is your thing, here you go! (If this isn’t your thing, scroll past the questions to other activity ideas):

Chapter 1:
Why did Kyle get grounded for a week?
What game was Kyle playing with his brothers?
Why do you think Kyle kicked the window just to win the game?
Do you think Kyle’s punishment was fair? Why or why not?

Chapter 2:
What state is Alexandriaville in?
Why do you think the library’s construction was kept secret?

Chapter 3:
What is special about all of Mr. Lemoncello’s games?
Why is Kyle interested in the extra credit essay?

Chapter 4:
What are two of Charles Chiltington’s mottos?
Who is the final judge of the essay contest?

Chapter 5:
What is Mr. Lemoncello’s connection to Alexandriaville?
What do you think the author means when he writes that Haley “looks like a walking toothpaste commercial”?

Chapter 6:
What happens when Kyle emails Mr. Lemoncello?
Were you surprised when that happened?

Chapter 7:
Why was the library torn down twelve years ago?
What will the twelve winners of the essay contest receive?

Chapter 8:
What are the three amazingly incredible things in the new library, according to Mr. Lemoncello on p. 38?
Who are the twelve winners?
On p.40, Mr. Lemoncello meets Kyle for the first time. He says, “Ah, yes. The boy who proved what I’ve always known to be true: The game is never over till it’s over. BONG!” Why do you think he says this to Kyle?

Chapter 9:
What does Kyle do with his gift card?
Who does Kyle see at the toy store? What are they doing?

Chapter 10:
What do Kyle and Akimi notice about their library cards?
Pay attention to Haley Daley – what do you notice about her and her mother?
Where is the only place in the library that food and drink are permitted?
What is Dr. Zinchenko’s number one rule?
On p. 50, Mr. Lemoncello gives a few brief words – short, memorandum, and underpants. Why are these words “brief” (hint: it’s a play on words – the dictionary might help)

Chapter 11:
Why is there a vault door on the library, and what is its history?
Why are there no windows in the library?
What two pieces of advice does Dr. Zinchenko give on p. 53?

Chapter 12:
What is the first game, and what is the prize?
Who wins the game – did this person use good sportsmanship or bad sportsmanship?

Chapter 13:
Who is Mrs. Gail Tobin, and why is she important to Mr. Lemoncello?
What rules does Mrs. Tobin explain?
What is the second prize and how can the players win it?

Chapter 14:
Where do Kyle and Akimi find dessert?
What parts of the Electronic Learning Center sound interesting to you?
What does Kyle discover when he tries to open the front door?

Chapter 15:
What does Mr. Lemoncello tell the parents?

Chapter 16:
What is interesting about the Board Room?
What do you think might have happened if Kyle had let Charles kick the video game chair?

Chapter 17:
Who decides to leave the library and why?
Why does Rose receive a prize from Mr. Lemoncello, and why is she the only person to receive one? What are the three lifelines?
Would you have stayed and played the game, or would you have gone home? Why?


Book Activity options for Chapter 1-17 (do as many as you would like!):

Scavenger Hunt – Kyle and his brothers were playing a Scavenger Hunt game in Chapter 1. Create a Scavenger Hunt for your family. Create a list of items that you can find in your house or in your yard. Decide on rules, and if there will be a prize for the winner. See who can find the most items in a certain amount of time.


The Library – The author describes the outside and inside of the new library in great detail. Make a list of the details (you may need to skim through the chapters again). Make a drawing or diorama of your favorite part of the library. Add as much detail as you can.


Library Map – Mr. Lemoncello’s library has a lot of stairways, sections, rooms, and balconies. Create a map so visitors can find their way around!


Library Essay – Pretend you are a 12-year-old living in Alexandriaville. Write an essay about “Why I’m excited about the new public library”.


Mr. Lemoncello’s Car – On pages 22 – 23, the author describes Mr. Lemoncello’s car. Draw a picture of what it looks like. Add descriptions of any special features you think it might have (use your imagination!).


Library Card – Design your own Alexandriaville library card. Be sure to include your name, the name of the library, and pictures of two books on the back.


If you choose to do any of these activities, I would LOVE to see the finished product! You can email me ( or post a picture to the ODE Facebook page. Have fun!