Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library #1

Hello Seahorses and Dragons! 

Our Session 4 book is Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein.

As you begin to read, start making two lists:

1. A Character List – When a new character is introduced in the story, write down his or her name.  Add information like their age, physical characteristics, personality traits, and other interesting information (just like we often did in class).  You can use the attached worksheet (it’s from Out of My Mind, but it works for this, too!), or start a list in a notebook. Keep this list going throughout the whole book.


2.  A Summer Reading List – Chris Grabenstein mentions book titles in almost every chapter of this book (it’s about a library, after all!).  Make a list of the books he mentions (they are all real books). Look up the titles online, or on your library’s website. If there are books on your list that sound interesting to you, put a star next to the title.  Try to read as many of your “star” titles as you can this summer!


Here is a video of Chris Grabenstein reading Chapter 1 – he seems like a funny guy!


Here is a link to Chapters 1 – 3, in case you don’t have the book yet (if it doesn’t show up, hit the refresh key):


If you need a break from reading, play a board game – just like Kyle and his brothers!

And, keep an eye on this Homework page – I’ll add more activities as the weeks go on 🙂