Dragons – Literature

Dragons Literature Homework – due 9/20/19

Read Chapters 3, 4, 5 & 6 of 11 Birthdays

Answer these questions:

Chapter 3
1. How old are Amanda and Leo now?
2. What happened on Amanda and Leo’s 10th birthday?

Chapter 4:
3. Who is in Amanda’s room on the morning of her 11th birthday?
4. Who runs into Amanda in the hallway, and why is he crying?

Chapter 5:
5. Where does Amanda see Leo after school?
6. How did Gymnastics tryouts go for Amanda?

Chapter 6:
7. Why did only half of her guests show up at Amanda’s party?
8. Where does Amanda put the SpongeBob balloon before she goes to bed?

9. Who are some important new characters in these chapters?