Dragons – Literature

There is no Homework for Dragons.

If you have been working on a Book Project, bring it to class this Friday (Oct. 25).  See below for ideas.


Next session, we will be reading Frindle by Andrew Clements.

The first day of Session 2 is  Nov. 8.


11 Birthdays Book Project Ideas
If you would like to do a Book Project about 11 Birthdays at home, here are some ideas.
Bring it to class on Week 8 (Oct. 25) to share with the class!
(This is an optional activity)

– Look up information about Author Wendy Mass. Create a poster, report or booklet.
– Construct a diorama of an interesting scene from the book.
– Read another book by Wendy Mass. Create a commercial or print ad to advertise the book. See if your advertisement inspires a classmate to read the book (a good ad doesn’t give away the ending!)
– Pretend you are another character in the book. Rewrite a part of the story from that character’s perspective.
– Print or draw a Periodic Table. Learn what the letters represent. Bring it to class and describe what it is.
– Leo likes to write poetry, even if he is not very good at it. Write a poem about a friend, pet, or anything you care about. Bring it to class to read aloud.
– Make a chart of the many jobs of Angelina.
– Paint a flower pot like Leo and Amanda did on their 5th Birthday.

Or…come up with your own idea!