Dragons – Literature

Dragons Literature Homework (due 10/18)
Read Chapters 21, 22, 23 & 24 of 11 Birthdays

Answer these questions.
Chapter 21:
What are some things that Amanda & Leo do differently today to try to break the enchantment?

Chapter 22:
Did Amanda & Leo’s efforts yesterday work to break the enchantment?
What did Angelina do on the kids’ 5th Birthday that may have made their situation worse?

Chapter 23:
At the end of Chapter 22, Angelina suggests that the kids “do what comes naturally”. What seemed a natural thing for Amanda to do after school today?
How does this show that Amanda has changed since the beginning of the book?

Chapter 24:
How did Amanda finally end up helping her mom?
What did Amanda and Leo give each other for their birthdays?

Bonus Work: (optional)
Look up author Wendy Mass online (or research her at the library).
Write down one or two things you find out about her and bring them to class next week.



11 Birthdays Book Project Ideas
If you would like to do a Book Project about 11 Birthdays at home, here are some ideas.
Bring it to class on Week 8 (Oct. 25) to share with the class!
(This is an optional activity)

– Look up information about Author Wendy Mass. Create a poster, report or booklet.
– Construct a diorama of an interesting scene from the book.
– Read another book by Wendy Mass. Create a commercial or print ad to advertise the book. See if your advertisement inspires a classmate to read the book (a good ad doesn’t give away the ending!)
– Pretend you are another character in the book. Rewrite a part of the story from that character’s perspective.
– Print or draw a Periodic Table. Learn what the letters represent. Bring it to class and describe what it is.
– Leo likes to write poetry, even if he is not very good at it. Write a poem about a friend, pet, or anything you care about. Bring it to class to read aloud.
– Make a chart of the many jobs of Angelina.
– Paint a flower pot like Leo and Amanda did on their 5th Birthday.

Or…come up with your own idea!