Dragons – Literature

Dragons Literature Homework – due 10/4
Read Chapters 12, 13, 14 & 15 of 11 Birthdays

Answer these questions on your Homework Bookmark, or on a separate sheet of paper:

Chapter 12 – Who really decorated Amanda’s locker, and why did Stephanie take credit for doing it?

Chapter 13 – What rule does Leo say doesn’t apply to them anymore, and what does Amanda say Leo doesn’t have to do tomorrow?

Chapter 14 – What are some things that Amanda and Leo do that they wouldn’t normally do?

Chapter 15 – How did Leo’s mom find out he wasn’t in school?

Bonus Project (optional):
Think of something special your family does to celebrate birthdays. It may be a part of your culture, or just a family tradition.
Write a few sentences about it, and be ready to share it with the class next week.
If you are feeling inspired, you can draw a picture to go with your writing.
You may also bring a photograph that shows the birthday tradition (photos will be returned right away).