Dolphin Swimmers – Literature

This week in Literature, the Dolphin Swimmers read books with the word “Yellow” in the title.
First we heard The Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger. It’s a story about a leaf who waits and waits to fall from the tree. He finally meets a friend who is also waiting to fall, and they find the courage to let go together. Then, we searched the room for leaves that were stuck to the walls and waiting to fall.
Next we read Linus The Little Yellow Pencil by Scott Magoon. Linus and his eraser Ernie are entering the family art show. But Ernie is not happy with what Linus draws, and keeps erasing his work. They soon learn to work together to create something unique. Ask your Dolphin Swimmer how they created a picture using a pencil and an eraser! We also used the leaves we found in the classroom to add to our pictures.
Hopefully you found their pictures in their backpacks (and Linus and Ernie, too!).

There is no homework for Dolphin Swimmers.