Dolphin Swimmers Lit. Book #2

Hello Dolphin Swimmers!

Here is another book for you! It’s called Ira Sleeps Over by Bernard Waber.

Mr. Waber wrote and illustrated many books for kids. You can read more about this author here:


Here is a YouTube video of someone reading the story Ira Sleeps Over (I hope you enjoy it!):


Discussion Questions:
– Why do you think Ira’s sister brought up the subject of the teddy bear in the first place?
– Ira worried that Reggie would laugh at him and his teddy bear. Why do you think Ira’s parents and his sister had different opinions about what Reggie should do?
– How can you tell that Reggie was excited about having Ira come over?
– Why do you think Reggie had his teddy bear in a drawer?
– How do you think Ira felt when he saw Reggie’s bear?
– What finally made Ira decide to go back and get his teddy bear from home?


After listening to the story, here are some activities you can choose from:

Writing Activity (Bedtime Buddy) – Do you have a bedtime buddy? Write a little bit about that special toy or stuffed animal that stays on your bed. Tell your buddy’s name, why it’s special, things you do together, and how long you have had your buddy. You can write everything on this bed outline (be sure to draw a picture of yourself on the pillow):


This link has some examples of the Bedtime Buddy activity, and instructions for the next activity (My Overnight Bag):


Art Activity (My Overnight Bag) – If you were invited to sleep over at someone’s house, what would you take with you? Use the suitcase outline in the following link to add pictures of items that you would need. You can draw the items or cut out pictures of them from newspapers or magazines (ask your parents first!):

For instructions on how to fold your suitcase, see the link above “Art Activity”.


Sequencing Activity – Ira and Reggie did a lot of different things during their sleepover. Can you remember in what order they did them? Follow the directions at the beginning of the worksheet (in this link):


Musical Ira – HBO Family turned Ira Sleeps Over into a 24 minute musical version of the story. You can watch it here:

Which version do you like better? What is different from the book?