Dolphin Swimmers – Lit book #1

Hi Dolphin Swimmers!
Here’s your first book for Session 4: There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly by Simms Tabak

I found two videos of this book on YouTube.
One video shows the book, and the person reading the book turns the pages as she reads:

The other video animates the illustrations from the book and adds music:

Both versions show the words of the story – try to read along!

Which version do you like better? Why?

Listening Activity:
As you listen to the story, write down any word pairs (or trios) that rhyme. For example: fly, why, die. How many groups of rhyming words can you find? Let me know!

The words of this story have been around for a very long time. First they were words of a poem, and the words and animals would change depending on who was reciting the poem. In 1947, variations of the words were collected in a journal called Hoosier Folklore. In 1952, a lady named Rose Bonne decided on specific animals for a song called “I Know an Old Lady”. A man named Alan Mills wrote the tune for the song. Later, in 1961, Rose Bonne drew pictures to go with her words and published it as a book.

How long ago was 1947? 1952? 1961?

Craft Activity:
Supplies – crayons/markers/colored pencils, scissors, glue/glue stick, a paper lunch bag
Print out the pages with the Animals and the Old Lady’s face (there are two faces; you only need one).

Follow the directions on the page with the Faces. If you don’t have a paper lunch bag, you can use an old gift bag, a plastic bottle, or whatever container you can cut a hole in.
After feeding the animals to the Old Lady, other classes have also tried tossing the animals into the lady’s mouth from a distance, or dropping the animals into the paper bag from a certain height. Let me know if you come up with another creative way to “feed” your Old Lady!

Memory Game:
Print out another copy of the Animal sheet.
Cut out 14 squares of paper (4” x 4”). Construction paper works well since you can’t see through it.
Glue the animal pictures on 7 of the squares. Write the names of the animals on the other 7 squares. Play Memory – try to find the matching word and picture! See if you can beat your parents or siblings.

Other books to check out:
Author Lucille Colandro has written many different variations of “There Was an Old Lady…” Some have holiday themes (Halloween, Christmas, Easter), some have seasonal themes (Fall, Winter), and some have location themes (school, the beach). She even turns the Old Lady into an astronaut, a pirate, and a mermaid in some versions. If you are able, find ebooks of these versions. Or, wait until your library reopens, and check out the physical copies.