Banana Smoothies – Literature

Banana Smoothies Literature Homework (due 10/11)

Read Chapter 6 of Space Taxi: Water Planet Rescue

Answer these questions on the Homework Bookmark, or on a separate sheet of paper:

  1. What dangerous thing happens to the taxi when they dive underwater, and how does Pockets help?


  1. What gadgets does Pockets have to help with the investigation?


  1. What does Archie see on the ocean floor that he wants to bring home for Penny?


  1. What clue does Archie find, why is it hard to pick up, and what is written on the edge of it?


  1. What surprising thing happens at the end of the chapter? 



Space Taxi Book Projects Ideas (This is an optional activity)

If you would like to do a Book Project about Space Taxi: Water Planet Rescue at home, here are some ideas.

Bring your project to class on Week 8 (Oct. 25) to share with the class!

  1. Create a model of what the Space Taxi would look like with its underwater modifications.
  2. Make Akbar’s Floating Rest Stop, or a rest stop of your own design.
  3. Put together a gadget – make up a commercial to try to sell it to the class.
  4. Imagine you live on Nautilus.  Write a journal entry about a typical day in your life.
  5. Draw a picture of an alien.  Tell a story about him or her.
  6. Create a diorama of a scene from the book.
  7. Make a menu of foods that start with the first letter of your name.  
  8. Research magnets.  Make a poster of interesting facts.

Or, come up with your own cool project!