Atmosphere Homework

This week the students learned about the Earth’s atmosphere.  We watched a 3-minute video about the 5 layers of the atmosphere, and then saw how the atmosphere has weight and exerts pressure, even though you can’t feel it/see it/or touch it. We saw how a soda can could be crushed when the pressure inside the can did not match the atmosphere pressure around us.  We then looked at how the atmosphere moves and made wind vanes.  Last, we talked about storms and lightning and how it forms.  We blew up balloons and tried to build up enough static electricity to make a spark.

Some questions you can ask:

  • Were you surprised when the soda can collapsed?  Why do you think it got crushed?
  • How does a wind vane work?  Why would people want to know what direction the wind comes from?
  • What makes wind?
  • What makes lightning?  Why do we hear thunder?