A Boy Called Bat #5

Hello Time Travelers and Banana Smoothies!

Here are some things that you can do as you continue reading A Boy Called Bat. Choose the ideas that are most interesting to you:


Keep working on your Character Chart for Bat. Every time you learn something new about him, write it down. If you have a big enough piece of paper, have someone trace your body onto it, decorate it to look like Bat, and write your facts inside the outline. Hang it on a wall or door where you can see it. When you are done with the book, you should have a fact-filled Bat!


Clinic Sign – Janie tries to convince Mom to rename her veterinary clinic. “Something fun,” she’d say. “Something creative.” (p. 104). Think of a name for Mom’s clinic. Draw a sign to go in front of the building. Be sure to add important information for customers (Mom’s name, maybe a phone number or a website address, a catchy slogan, etc).


What’s the Difference? – Bat wanted to tell Janie the difference between Mephitidae and Mustelidae, but she wasn’t interested (p.128). If you are interested, look up the difference between the two, and tell someone in your house.


Skunk Time – Bat thinks there should be “skunk time” at school. “Maybe skunk time would be when everyone in class did research about skunks and wrote reports about skunks and built skunk dioramas” (p. 134). Have “skunk time” at your house. Or, if you are interested in a different animal, have that-kind-of-animal time instead.


Time to Organize? – Some people like to organize, like Bat and his dad (p. 140-141). Other people don’t mind having their things jumbled up, like Janie and Mom. Are you more like Bat or Janie? Try organizing part of your room like Dad’s garage.


Here are some words to look up from the next five chapters of the book:

Chapter 17Ruckus (p. 105 – If there was this much ruckus at school or the playground or anywhere else at all, Bat would definitely need his earmuffs)

Chapter 18Extracted (p. 117-118 – Bat pulled open the sling and gently extracted the kit from it)

Chapter 19Gesture (p. 130 – Mom said that giving Janie’s pajama top to Thor “was a nice gesture”)

Chapter 20Rephrase (p. 133 – “Let me rephrase that”)

Chapter 21Mishmash (p. 146 – Janie’s bag was “full of a mishmash of candies that didn’t make any sense to Bat)


“Bat Visits His Mom’s Clinic” – Answer questions about how Bat feels at his mom’s clinic.
“Points of View” – Look at parts of the book from different characters’ points of view.



Parents: Here are some very good discussion questions for Chapters 17 – 21 that I found online. They may be helpful if you would like to ask your children some questions about what they are reading. (Disregard the date at the top of the page)



Parents – please email me if you have any questions, or if you would like to share your child’s work with me (AnAndrews72@gmail.com).
Students – If you have a project that you are particularly proud of, post a photo of it on the ODE Facebook page – I’m sure your classmates would love to see what you have created!
Stay well everyone!

Banana Smoothies – many of you will be Seahorses next year! If you would like to try reading the book that the Seahorses are reading this session, go for it! You can find the information on the Homework page under Seahorses & Dragons.