A Boy Called Bat #3

Hello Time Travelers and Banana Smoothies!
I hope you have been reading A Boy Called Bat by Alana K. Arnold!

Here are some things that you can do as you continue reading the book. Choose the ideas that are most interesting to you:

Keep working on your Character Chart for BatEvery time you learn something new about him, write it down. If you have a big enough piece of paper, have someone trace your body onto it, decorate it to look like Bat, and write your facts inside the outline. Hang it on a wall or door where you can see it. When you are done with the book, you should have a fact-filled Bat!


Animal Facts – Bat loves animal facts!
In Chapter 10, Bat mentions the lifespan of a Monarch butterfly (p. 60-61) and a mayfly (p. 64). Do a little research on these two insects.
In Chapter 12, Bat and Mr. Grayson exchange facts about gorillas and kangaroos (p. 74). Look up these two animals for more interesting facts.
If you are making an Animal Encyclopedia, add all of this information to your book!


Here are some words to look up from the next four chapters of the book:

Chapter 9 – When Bat’s time was up, he “reluctantly scooted Babycakes off his lap” (p. 56).
What does reluctantly mean?

Chapter 10 – “Bat did not like collaboration. He liked to do things himself” (p. 62).
What does collaboration mean? Do you like collaborating with people?

Chapter 11 – Bat’s favorite coffee shop “was nestled in between a bookstore…and a shoe store” (p. 67).
What does nestled mean?

Chapter 12 – “Janie loved to sing and dance and act, and she was getting ready to audition for the role of Alice in Alice in Wonderland, her school’s spring play” (p. 76).
What is an audition? Have you ever auditioned for anything?


Worksheet – A Classroom Pal & Bat’s Five Senses
With this worksheet, you can write about Babycakes and Mr. Grayson’s “open-door Babycakes policy”. You can also write about Bat’s five senses (you may be able to add facts to this part of the worksheet as you continue reading).



Parents: Here are some discussion questions and activity ideas for Chapters 9 – 12 that I found online. They may be helpful if you would like to ask your children some questions about what they are reading. (Disregard the date at the top of the page)



Please email me if you have any questions, or if you would like to share your child’s work with me (AnAndrews72@gmail.com). I hope you are all well!

Banana Smoothies – many of you will be Seahorses next year! If you would like to try reading the book that the Seahorses are reading this session, go for it! You can find the information on the Homework page under Seahorses & Dragons.