A Boy Called Bat #1

Hello Time Travelers and Banana Smoothies!
Our book for Session 4 was going to be A Boy Called Bat by Alana K. Arnold. I hope you will still read it!
Read at your own pace. I will post discussion questions, activites, and anything else I can find throughout the session. Keep checking the ODE Homework page!


Here are some things that you can do as you start reading the book. Choose the ideas that are most interesting to you:

1. Create a Character List. Every time a new character is introduced in the story, write down their name and a few important facts about that person. Do this for the entire book. You can add facts about people as they pop up in the story.
You can use this sheet to keep track of the characters if you’d like, or you can just keep your list in a notebook:



2. Bat is a very interesting character with lots of likes and dislikes. Create a Character Chart just for Bat. Every time you learn something new about him, write it down. If you have a big enough piece of paper, have someone trace your body onto it, decorate it to look like Bat, and write your facts inside the outline. Hang it on a wall or door where you can see it. When you are done with the book, you should have a fact-filled Bat!


3. In Chapter 2, we find out that Bat likes looking through his animal encyclopedia. Different kinds of animals are mentioned throughout the book. Every time an animal is mentioned, write it down, and then research the animal when you have time. Create your own animal encyclopedia – add a picture and interesting facts about each animal you research (you can start with bats!).


4. Vocabulary!
Here are some words and phrases to look up from the first four chapters of the book:
Chapter 1 – Bat says his sister’s earmuffs make an outstanding muffling device (p. 2). What does “muffle” mean?

Chapter 2 – Bat thinks “miscellaneous” is a great word (p. 7). What does it mean? What is a common abbreviation for the word miscellaneous?

Chapter 3 – When Mom didn’t bring home vanilla yogurt, Bat said it was “the last straw” (p. 14). What does this phrase mean?

Chapter 4 – When Bat was impatient, he “bounced up and down on the balls of his feet” (p. 19). Where are the balls of your feet? Try bouncing on them like Bat did.


5. Bat’s room is his favorite place in the whole world. Draw a picture of what you think it looks like. Try this worksheet about your favorite room:



6. Parents: Here are some discussion questions and activity ideas for Chapters 1 – 4 that I found online. They may be helpful if you would like to ask your children some questions about what they are reading (disregard the date at the top):



Please email me if you have any questions, or if you would like to share your child’s work with me (AnAndrews72@gmail.com). I hope you are all well!

Banana Smoothies – many of you will be Seahorses next year! If you would like to try reading the book that the Seahorses are reading this session, go for it! You can find the information on the Homework page under Seahorses & Dragons.