Support Fellow Learning Families

Sponsor a Student – ODE exists to provide support and encouragement to local homeschool families by providing respite for moms while providing quality education and care for students. While we strive to keep the cost as low as possible, we have to charge what it costs to operate. We know these costs are difficult for some families who struggle to make ends meet with only one income (which usually is the case in homeschooling families). It grieves us that families who would love to attend ODE cannot for financial reasons. If you would like to make a donation to help a homeschooling family send their children to ODE, please make a donation of any amount. 100% will go towards the tuition of a family in need.

Art Supplies – Our wonderful Art program is always looking for more resources to do more exciting projects at all levels of ODE. If you would like to make a donation of any amount (even $10 is a great help!) towards art supplies, that would be very welcome. Whatever amount you designate for this purpose will go entirely towards art.