Yellow, Blue – Civics

Mrs. Elizabeth York

Class Description:

CIVICS US and IL Constitutions and US Flag Code

REQUIRED TEXTS: US Constitution, IL Constitution, US Flag Code (available at Wikipedia). Other texts as provided.

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Civics is a required course for graduation and covers several aspects of government.  Civics will explore the origins of the American democratic system while looking at how the constitution embodies the values and purposes set up by the founding fathers.  The structure and function of the government will be analyzed on a national, state, and local level while showing how each level is interrelated.  This will launch the class into discussing how constitutional values relate to other nations and world affairs.  Throughout the course we will focus on how the people play an active role in government and the importance each citizen contributes to society.   

Grading, Classroom notes/participation, and Homework:

Students will be given “Pop Quizzes” each week to ensure they captured the material.

On the last day of class there will be an exam. A 70% provides the student with a passing grade for the class and a certificate of completion.


All students are expected to take notes during the lecture portion of the class. Each week, there is a small Group Activity: where students will need to work together productively.

There will be required videos, reading, and worksheets each week. There is also an optional Literature component.

10 thoughts on “Yellow, Blue – Civics”

  1. Hello,
    As the class start date approaches I was wondering if there
    is a suggested book(s) that needs to be purchased prior to class starting?

  2. Hi! Ummm…my mom was wondering if there are any other websites that carry “A More Perfect Union: An Introduction To American Goverment and Politics” in paperback because the one on amazon is like $300.

  3. Hi Yasmin! This is Mrs. York, the teacher. I can’t believe they sold out in 2 days!! No worries, lots of options… The Kindle version of the book is the same as the hardcover and downloads to your computer or iPad. It’s only $10. There is also an audible version you can listen to and a free PowerPoint version for notetaking ( You can also buy it for $15 at iFlipd (rent-to-own) at

  4. I don’t know if you said it in class while I was gone but I didn’t catch how many of the videos on the you tube playlist you said to watch for this week. I know we should start on video number 7 but which one do we end on?

  5. Hello this is Tia. Yasmin’s mother. Could you please give the kids more worksheets in class so they may get away from the computer. My daughter is always on it for studying for your class. Second, Yasmin is in seventh grade. If she takes the constituion test now will it count towards her graduation?

  6. Just checking to see if you are going to post the quizlet and what we should study for the test on Friday. Because….I do not do well on test if I have only one day to get the materials well in my head.


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