World Religions

Syllabus  ~  Session 1


Course Materials:

Living Religions: Eighth Edition
(By Mary Pat Fisher: ISBN-13: 978-0-205-83585-0)

A slightly older edition of Living Religions, this edition can be purchased used for approximately five to ten dollars, a significant savings compared to the most recent edition (that is almost word-for-word the same) that costs well over one hundred dollars. Within reason, please purchase this exact edition so that the page numbers will be the same for every student.

Anthology of World Scriptures: Sixth Edition
(By Robert E. Van Voorst: ISBN 13: 978-0-495-50387-3)

An updated version of the schedule will be given out whenever a change is made. Closer to the start of ODE, additional information will be added to the syllabus–such as page numbers for the weekly reading and additional information on the assignments and the major projects.


Week One:

Introduction to Class/World Religions

Week Two:

Introduction to World Religions

Week Three:

Indigenous Religions

Week Four:

Indigenous Religions

Week Five:


Week Six:


Week Seven:


Week Eight: