US Geography 2019/20

Course Description

Ms. Tara Clark

This course will cover the geography of the United States. Students will learn the physical geography--major rivers and mountain ranges, political geography--important cities and landmarks, and human geography--culture, population, and more of each region and state in the US. Homework will include weekly mapping and questions and reports and projects on states. There will be tests for each region. I will cover some general geography and human geography terms and concepts. We plan to have lots of fun with question games and enjoying the foods of the regions. Your student will also plan a trip that you could actually take!

Required Materials

  • Three ring binder (1inch) and divider tabs for this class only.   We will be building a geography notebook.
  • Notebook Fee:  $10 payable to ODE for printing the maps and directions for the geography notebook
  • Desk Atlas of the United States, Publisher: Geography Matters; ©2014 First Edition edition (September 1, 2014) ISBN-10: 1931397724 
  •  Or   Rand McNally Children’s Illustrated Atlas of the United States, ISBN-10: 0528934597, Out of print, but available.  If you already own it, it works great for class.

Click HERE for the syllabus.

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