Unit – Lets Explore: The Marine Ecosystem

Sessions III and IV Description

Marine Ecosystem.

From coral reefs to sharks and whales,the ocean is an amazing place to study. Many of our students know a vast amount about the ocean from videos and books. In this class we will be exploring the ocean in a very hands on manner, through science experiments, art projects and STEM activities, that will enhance and add to their knowledge of the Marine Ecosystem. Some of the activities we will be participating in are: making crystal sea shells, fish prints and making ocean slime!!** Though we will not be eating any fish I may be doing activities involving fish, please let me know if your child has a fish allergy. If a student has an fish allergy I will come up with an alternative experience for the class.

Session II – Syllabus

We are leaving the Rain Forest biome and heading to the Arctic Tundra biome.

In unit class we will learn about the Arctic tundra, in many ways including reading, experiments, art projects and more!  By the end of the 8- week session your child will know the answer to these questions and more!!

What is an Arctic tundra?

How much of the earth is covered in tundra?

Why is the Arctic tundra important?

Where is the Arctic tundra?

What is the climate of the Arctic tundra?

Who lives on the Arctic tundra (animals, people, plants)?

How do animals and people adapt in the Arctic tundra?

How do people affect the Arctic tundra?

What are the seasons like in the Arctic tundra?

What kind of resources does the Arctic tundra provide?

Put on your parka and join us we explore the frozen Arctic tundra!!

Session 1 ~ Syllabus

Course Materials:

Folder, Pencil

Week One:

Introduction of students and teachers.

What is a biome? Begin learning about tropical rain forests.

Week Two:

Welcome to the Amazon Rainforest!  Where is the Amazon Rainforest?  Learn about the layers of the rain forest.

Week Three:

The Kapok Tree – Why is it important to the Amazon Rain Forest?

We will learn about the kapok tree, who lives in this tree and why it is important to the rain forest.

Week Four and Five:

Frogs, Birds, and Snakes…oh my:

In the next two weeks, we will learn about these animals and many more that call the rain forest their home.

Week Six:

Chocolate and the Rain forest.

Find out where chocolate comes from and other food and products we get from the rain forest.

Week Seven:

Growing up in the rain forest:

This week will learn about what it would be like to grow up in the rain forest!

Week Eight:

Rain Forest Party!!

It’s a wrap! Let’s celebrate the rain forest and try some treats that come from this very special forest!