Time Travelers Science

Rock-On. An introduction to Earth Science
Mrs. Kathy Galassini

Through hands-on-learning students will be introduced to Earth Science. This topic lends itself to many activities including hurricane in a bottle, cloud in a jar, making geodes and so much more. Each week we will have a short activity to introduce the topic. Then students will rotate to different work stations throughout the room to engage in hands on activities to gain more knowledge about the given topic. We will end the class sharing what we learned about earth science. Each week extension activities will be provided to enhance the students learning.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I remember. ” Benjamin Franklin

Lesson Plans
Each week I will introduce the topic through a book, video or short talk, we then begin a variety of hands on activities to learn about the topic.

From the Illinois Learning Standards in Science (Fact Sheet), (February 2016, ISBE Division of Public Education.

“The Illinois Learning Standards in science emphasize a more engaged, hands-on science education that aims to give students a deeper understanding of the core concepts in science and engineering as well as practice applying those concepts-linking knowledge and real-world skills.”

Main Ideas

8/31 Getting to know you? What is the Scientific Method?

9/8 Where is the Earth in SPACE?

9/15 What makes up the earth? Learning about landforms

9/22 Just like a cake…the Earth has layers!

9/29 The earth is shaking…learning about earthquakes

10/6 LAVA, LAVA, lets learn about volcanoes!!

10/13 Why so much water?? Learning about hurricanes

10/20 Review of what we learned

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