Time Travelers Music

This class aims to provide a more in-depth music curriculum, using singing, instruments and composition to grow the students music vocabulary. This class is a wonderful introduction to the world of music, with a focus on classical composers.

Session I
Lesson Plans

Class Music Focus: Basic Music Theory, Boomwhackers
Yearly Performance Goal: Boomwhacker Composition

Week 1 - Music Procedures
Main Activity: Welcome and get to know!

Week 2 - Steady Beat
Main Activity: Beat Buddies

Week 3 - 4 Voices
Main Activity: Good King Leopold

Week 4 - High and Low
Main Activity: Fairies and Giants

Week 5 - Pitch Direction
Main Activity: Solfegio - Sol and Mi

Week 6 - Skip Step
Main Activity: Jaws

Week 7 - Quarter and Eighth Note
Main Activity: "Ta" & "Ti-Ti"

Week 8 - Quarter Rest
Main Activity: "Shh"

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